Audiovisual Equipment


STOES offers audiovisual technologies and professionals to meet your most demanding requirements anywhere within Ecuador and in several countries of the region (Chile, Peru, Colombia and Panama) and in the United States.

Our advanced audiovisual equipment includes: lighting and sound systems, microphones, projectors, camcorders, projection screens, plasma, LCD & LED screens and rigging, draping and podiums.

  • Audio Systems (Speakers)

    Audio Systems (Speakers)

    Amount needed to meet any requirement. Self-powered speakers, passive monitors. Quality guaranteed by the best manufacturers.
  • Audio Systems (Consoles)

    Audio Systems (Consoles)

    Up to 32 channels We can cover any event.
  • Audio systems (microphones)

    Audio systems (microphones)

    Wired and Wireless handheld, headset and lapel microphones. Multichannel and functional. Optimal for vocals and musical instruments.
  • Audio Systems (Sound Recorders)

    Audio Systems (Sound Recorders)

    Configurable for different sound qualities. Up to 4 separate recording channels. User-friendly file management.
  • Visual systems (Projectors)

    Visual systems (Projectors)

    LED and LCD. Projectors Available from 2000 to 6000 ANSI lumens. Sharp image even in bright rooms.
  • Visual systems (projection screens)

    Visual systems (projection screens)

    From 2 x 3 m up to 4 x 12m available. With tripods or truss structures. Dress kits and draperies included.
  • Visual systems (accessories)

    Visual systems (accessories)

    LASER pointers. Easy to use Ergonomic.
  • Visual systems (Professional camcorders)

    Visual systems (Professional camcorders)

    HD Format With HDD or SD card up to 32 GB Outputs HDMI, Composite Video, USB.
  • Visual systems (video scalers and mixers)

    Visual systems (video scalers and mixers)

    Multiple independent inputs and outputs. Visual effects. Enhanced signal quality.
  • Visual Systems (Video Distributors)

    Visual Systems (Video Distributors)

    Up to 24 outputs available. Signal amplified and distributed to multiple screens.
  • Visual systems (Processor - Media Player)

    Visual systems (Processor - Media Player)

    Audio and video formats. User-friendly content edition anytime HDMI output.
  • Visual systems (Timekeeper)

    Visual systems (Timekeeper)

    Programmable time for any need PC projection. Audio and video signals.
  • Visual systems (LCD and Plasma)

    Visual systems (LCD and Plasma)

    Available from 19 to 50”HD quality. Tripod or wall-mounted.
  • Visual systems (Laptop)

    Visual systems (Laptop)

    Available from 15 to 17”I3 to I7. Processors HD quality.
  • Visual systems (PCs All in one)

    Visual systems (PCs All in one)

    HD touch 21” screen AMD processors. Ample inventory.
  • Event rigging and draping

    Event rigging and draping

    Stages, structures, platforms, lights, podium, and much more.

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